10 Ways to Promote Your Brand Using Facebook Marketing

Use Facebook marketing to take your brand awareness to the next level

When it comes to Facebook, as Digital Marketers we know it gets results not only for personal social media accounts but indeed for businesses too.

As an entrepreneur trying to get traction in a busy marketplace, we recommend promoting your brand using Facebook marketing.

So why use Facebook for your business?

For starters, Facebook packs the crowds.

According to an article published in Forbes in 2017, Facebook has 2 billion active monthly users. That number has obviously grown since then and with the ever-growing viewers and users, it makes the perfect place to get your brand known to the masses.

If you haven’t started using Facebook for your business, you need to get cracking on it!

We wrote this easy tutorial to help you set up your Facebook Business account and business page.

From there you can add content, grow your followers, do Facebook Lives, create your own exciting Facebook group and so much more!

10 ways to promote your brand using Facebook marketing

When it comes to your brand it has to be something that people will relate to and recognise off the top of their head. This means that your brand needs to be impactful.

Create shareable content throughout your brand, bearing in mind that people share what they love on social media networks like Facebook.

When considering your brand, remember that people want something that will help them. Can your brand help them solve their problems?

If you’ve already established your brand and you’re already working your marketing strategy success, the next step is staying consistent.

We cannot stress it enough how important continuity and consistency is. Your audience and target market come to your brand for help and they need you to constantly help them.

Think of it as being a “hero” to your audience. Make every bit of your branding and marketing efforts count. Most importantly keep the content and info flowing regularly.

One of the best ways to prompt your brand using Facebook marketing is to make it interesting. Nobody really cares for boring topics and draggy information, so keep it fun and exciting. Most importantly keep it clear and to the point.

While you’re on the “fun” side, don’t forget that you need to keep your brand’s voice in mind. If anything, people prefer relating to a person or in other words the human side of the digital realm. Have a sense of humour but don’t overdo it.

Don’t forget that you are also dealing with people, so be realistic and don’t spam your audience.

To get the best ways to promote your brand using Facebook marketing, you need to know what your audience wants.

Businesses always ask their audience information. This can be done in a fun and interactive survey, a poll or questioner for that matter.

The more you know about what is working with your audience, the better content you can create. For example, you own a video game online store but you could ask your user’s simple things that could help improve the customer support among others.

Folks are usually more than willing to voice their opinion. Part of showing you care is through your concern for your users.

With that being said, also look at your Facebook Analytics to see what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Call To Action (CTA) are one of the most important ingredients when it comes to successful marketing.

Call to actions are not only vital in digital advertising but also very much so in traditional methods. You can use them in videos, prompts on your blog posts, and even your print media.

Without a call to action, your audience may just forget that you actually have something to sell for example, or that you need them to sign up to your informative newsletter.

There is something about visuals that appeal to humans. It’s a relatable type of media that not only make a long blog post read better but helps for short attention spans.

We’ve already spoken in another post about the fact that humans cannot focus for a long period. With quality images, in place, it makes things better to understand.

Don’t forget that quality pictures are extremely important. It makes your website look better and people enjoy posts with quality visuals.

When it comes to content, keywords work similarly to “call to action words”, however, they are not the same.

You need to use keywords properly to help generate organic traffic to your website. This is part of search engine optimisation and is important to help you rank on Google.

Don’t overload your posts with keywords because that will just turn it into spam. Google doesn’t take lightly to spam content and will move your posts down to several lower pages.

Organic keywords such as the long-tail type are better than short keywords. Many online tools can help you work your way around keyword use.

Content calendars are important to help you plan and organise your posts for the months ahead.

What’s also as important as a schedule is having your posts set to auto-publish at their scheduled times. Posting during peak times is better than just posting at random as this will allow for maximum results and of cause more views.

When it comes to reusing your content, you might think that’s not possible, but in fact, you can. You may have several written posts that you haven’t used or you could reuse older posts already published but refine and improve them.

Your older posts may not comply with what makes content more organic and beneficial today than it did a few years ago. You could thus change these.

You could also reuse video content and pictures. Some people go a step further and use special software to help improve their work even more. If you have the tools to do so then why not refine your videos and pictures?

To learn how to repurpose content, read this blog here.

If you are wanting results in a hurry, then paid ads are the way to go. All of the steps above will take time, energy and effort but paid ads on Facebook (and Instagram) will get your brand in front of your ideal clients in a fraction of the time.

It’s possible to place ads on your own, but if you have a big budget, then you want it done right.

Here at Big Domino Marketing, our focus is on using social media to get our clients more sales and more money.

We are Facebook ads specialists. Some of our services include building funnels, opt-ins, landing pages, paid social media ad campaigns and email follow-up sequences.

If you are ready to promote your brand using Facebook marketing, reach out to us because we have a proven track record of acquiring new leads for businesses and helping our clients make more sales.

We even do full social media content scheduling and posting for some of our clients who have better things to do than spend hours on social media all day!

Engage… engage… engage…..

If you don’t already know this little tip, then here it is. Engage with your audience.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, your audience wants to relate to a human being, and engagement is a sure-fire way to help your viewers know that you are real.

Prompt them to “like”, “share”, and even “re-post” your content.

Don’t forget to reply to comments and answer any questions left by your viewers as this helps with the engagement factor.

You could also engage with other people’s posts and this will help with the organic interaction that you’re looking for.

The takeaway on why you need to promote your brand using Facebook marketing

It’s clear that when it comes to social media, Facebook is still King.

When you promote your brand using Facebook marketing, there’s very little doubt that you’ll do better with time.

We know that digital marketing is an overwhelming concept, but that’s why you should get specialists to help you.

You may not know everything there is to know about working Facebook’s magic, but with the right help, you can surely promote your brand using Facebook marketing.

If you’re looking for greater reach, more engagement and customer loyalty as well as increased sales and profit, then social media marketing is the way to go.

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Originally published at https://blog.bigdomino.co.za on August 19, 2019.



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