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Make your Facebook page stand out from the crowd

Do you post regularly and utilise all the tools at your disposal? Or did you create a shell of a page and only post every and then?

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can leverage your Facebook page to attract your ideal customers.

Why your Business Facebook page is so important

There are many ways to improve your business with an effective digital marketing strategy. And one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to do this is by having an audience-optimized Facebook business page.

This means more than just posting funny cat videos to attract a following. We’re talking about increasing the quality and value your page is providing to the market.

12 key tips to improve and upgrade your Facebook page

We’ve compiled a list of 12 tips that you can use to upgrade your Facebook page.

1. Use long-tail keywords instead of shorter ones

Adaptive search engine optimisation allows you to use a more natural way to optimise your web pages including your Facebook business page. In general, users often use longer sentences when searching for something specific and this will count as long-form keywords.

The results will differ for every search according to the keywords typed into the search engine. If you don’t want to receive the result of a broad-term search by simply typing in “glasses” then rather make that term more specific to what you’re looking for. Even though long-tail keywords might get less traffic, they are better for conversion rates.

2. Use captivating images

3. Link to your Facebook page

4. Use all the tools available to you

Also, remember that Facebook Groups are highly preferred by the algorithm so be sure to invest time and energy into growing yours.

5. Invest in videos

While pictures do a great job at attracting viewers and potential customers to your business, videos work even better. Many small businesses can take the liberty of posting “how-to videos”, or product guides and customer feedback. Live videos are very popular amongst the viewers and create a higher level of trust and transparency between you and your audience.

6. Encourage engagement

7. Timing is everything

8. Plan your “content count”

When it comes to the amount of content that you publish, some people prefer to keep it to a minimum. After all, you don’t want to come across as an annoying spammer. You can also check statistics and your own analytics to see if your posts are overwhelming your viewers and reducing engagement. From here on, you can establish how many posts to do by day, week, or month.

For some helpful tips on creating a content calendar, check out this article here.

9. Promote, promote, promote

We suggest mentioning the most impactful posts in your weekly email newsletter and give your viewers great content even when they’re not directly on your Facebook page.

10. Be humble and don’t blow your “horn”

11. Keep it real

12. Make sure that your Facebook page information is correct

Be sure to check your “about” section and see if it needs updating. Your overall brand voice, mission and goals may have shifted since starting your company and/or Facebook page.

The takeaway

Don’t let your Facebook page become outdated and stale. Use these tips to keep your content fresh and relevant so that you can attract your ideal customer to your business.

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Originally published at https://blog.bigdomino.co.za on June 10, 2019.



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