2020 Marketing Trends Every Business Owner and Entrepreneur Should Know About

Stay on top of the hottest marketing trends for 2020

Use these trends to your advantage

Create content made for interaction

  • Some viewers wanting to share or repost your content
  • They stay longer on your page
  • Attractive content tends to promote higher click-through rates

Support your customers 100%

  • Building better trust
  • Word-of-mouth sales
  • Recommendations and referrals
  • More recognition of your brand

Help your customers remember the experience (personalise it)

  • Customised service increases loyalty with customers
  • You build the know, like and trust factor
  • Eliminate competition by providing the superior experience
  • eCommerce stores/online orders: include a thoughtful hand-written note
  • Florist: upsize their bouquet at no extra charge, provide free flower food
  • Hair salons: give a customer an unexpected discount
  • Beauty salon: provide an information pamphlet or free sample
  • Car service centre: do free windshield wiper per check
  • Coach: set up a referral program where you give the client a 10% discount if the person they’ve referred books a session with you

Make your content visually appealing

The more videos you post, the better

  • People tend to prefer watching videos online rather than reading
  • People have access to video content from most mobile devices (with the only restriction being their data plans)
  • Video content tends to gain more traffic

Optimize your SEO

Get the best of both worlds with digital and brick and mortar business

  • Brick and mortar plus digital makes for better sales options
  • Digital sales can help cut costs of brick and mortar establishments
  • It isn’t too difficult to set up your online store
  • Brick and mortar stores have established the relationship with customers, now use the online feature to grow it further

Feature augmented reality and virtual reality where you can

  • Incredible customer experience
  • Engaging marketing activity
  • Something for people to talk about
  • It’s great for many industries

The takeaway on the best 2020 marketing trends for your small business



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