40 Tips That Will Transform The Way You Do Business

40 ways to help you transform the way you do business

  1. Pick up potential problems before they occur

2. Know how to solve problems over the phone

3. Treat all your customers as if they are the best

4. Every call is important

5. Don’t be defensive

6. Short and to the point

7. Laughing and smiling helps promote a “positive action”

8. Don’t be “over the top” with exclamation words

9. Adapt to how your customers want to buy your products

10. Keep your presentations relevant

11. Believe in what you are selling

12. Don’t oversell yourself

13. Work pro-actively on problems

14. Allow room for improvement

15. It’s about giving and taking

16. Rewards will win sales, loyalty and more

17. Show your customers appreciation

18. Don’t let feeling down ruin your entire day

19. Always stay ahead with research

20. Study your competitors

21. Be ready to make sacrifices

22. Balance it all at the end

Quick-win ways to transform the way you do business:

The take away on how to transform the way you do business



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