7 Power Hacks to be More Productive … Instantly!

What’s the difference between being “busy” versus being more productive?

  • Busy people — often talk about not having enough time, but waste a lot of time on social media and chatting to people (not always, but a lot of the time)
  • Productive people — strategic in how they approach tasks, willing to forgo certain activities (TV) to make time for a more important goal
  • Busy people — tend to say “yes”
  • Productive people — weigh their options before saying yes
  • Busy people — may be consumed with many tasks and priorities
  • Productive people — have fewer priorities because they plan and strategize time management in conjunction with their goals.
  • Busy people — are willing to open all their doors
  • Productive people — know to achieve the best, you need time. In this case, they would rather close some doors to help deliver excellence to every customer.
  • Busy people — open emails and reply immediately — training clients that they are always available
  • Productive people — take their time to reply — asynchronous working style.

7 Power Hacks to be More Productive

#1 Start your day without looking at the screen first thing

#2 Create a prioritized to-do list

#3 Divide your tasks

#4 Delegate

#5 Train your team

#6 Time block for focus work

#7 Cut time-wasting activities

Maintain balance in your life

The takeaway on how you can be more productive



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