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Revamp your social media strategy by using the power of consistency

Social media often features in online marketing and as an effective means to improve engagement with your audience. What was once merely a means to interact with friends and family has long since become one of the most powerful digital marketing tools.

Time for a reality check

Before making massive changes to your current posting plan, let’s assess exactly where you are and what the missing pieces might be.

1. What your audience thinks

How often do you post? Posting regularly sends the message to your current and potential customers that you’re available and open for business.

2. Do you have enough content to post?

A content calendar can help you to plan your posting strategy in advance and this is very effective whether you have a small or medium business. In order to stay consistent with your posts, you need to have content.

3. Maintain your brand’s voice

When you post your content on social media do you speak your brand’s voice?

4. Is your content relevant?

This is important to consider if you want to maintain consistency. It’s no use posting content and it doesn’t tick off a few boxes such as appealing to your audience or engaging in a way that humans would (the people reading your posts are not machines).

5. Do you have a content schedule?

Do you have a content calendar? With it, you can create a content schedule so that you not only have structure but also, direction.

How to use consistency to make your social media marketing work for you

#1 Create trust

This is one of the most essential things to bear in mind when thinking about your brand and your audience. In order for people to follow your brand and become loyal, they’d need to trust you. Trust is built on emotional connections.

#2 Know your goals

To know your goals go hand in hand with knowing what you want for your company. You need to know your goals and work on them. Set a strategy plan in place and execute it. While this can’t happen overnight, true success takes time. Most importantly, you must remember that you need realistic goals so that you can meet them on time.

#3 Your brand must come from deep within

Branding is not just about what you tell your audience when they’re looking; instead, it’s something that your employees and personnel are “living” each day.

#5 Make it about engagement

Social media was as if it was designed to network and engage with others. Needless to say, it’s the most ideal tool to use to your advantage for digital marketing.

#6 Don’t limit your posting strategy to one platform

If you’re using multiple platforms then make sure that you stay consistent on all of them. Don’t solely focus on Facebook and neglect Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

The takeaway

No matter what your intentions when using social media, if you are erratic in your posting your following is not likely to grow.

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