Content Writing VS Copywriting .. What’s The Difference?

9 Important facts of content marketing for any business

  1. Content builds a sense of familiarity with your current customers and potential customers, hence creating a feeling of trust
  2. It sets a unique tone and voice for the brand (giving it its own right and signature)
  3. Content is customized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Content can create new leads as you’re able to reach a larger audience
  5. Attract prospective buyers to purchase your product
  6. You can use content to link back to other websites and increase traffic to your website
  7. Content will create engagement. By being able to create a friendly environment for your website and producing more up-to-date content, people will feel the need to share it
  8. Great content on your website will give people the sense of wanting to be part of everything and they may frequently visit and subscribe
  9. If your company specializes in an industry or with a specific brand, the brand can become more popular, with time and hard work it may stand out as a superior brand
  • Market content helps to enforce a sense of generosity and is great for customers.
  • While having great content is wonderful, without copywriting, the content may appear “unnatural” or “spammy”, two major aspects to avoid
  • Creativity comes with content writing and creative copy combined with copywriting skills for the perfect piece
  • Content marketing improves your advertising efforts by helping you target your right audience.
  • Without content, copywriting will come across as a “salesy ploy” to lure you in. This will drive a wedge between you and potential customers
  • Copywriting helps to improve the headings of your articles and posts through content marketing
  • Improves the overall readability and effectiveness of the heading to “grab attention”
  • Your content without the skill of copywriting won’t be able to gain strong views by itself
  • Regular content may not include a good “Call To Action” prompt (subscribe, join, and opt into newsletters are some examples.)

Why you need both content marketing and copywriting

  1. Adding value — Creating content that adds value to your customer’s time by enriching them with something while they stay is essential for success.
  2. Relevance — Some readers find outdated news not always worth their time and focus. With relevant up-to-date content, based on facts will greatly enrich your readers. This means that your business took the time to consider the needs of the audience.
  3. Consistency — It may not seem easy to connect consistency amongst the many dots of marketing, but being consistent is what will help you to survive in a very competitive industry.
  • Your brand will stand out from amongst the competitors
  • You’ll create a good relationship with your customers
  • Seamless quality content does not sound as if the writer worked too hard or stuffed it with keywords
  • Factual, to the point, content are more appealing than long, irrelevant content that readers have no time to read
  • Good content will get your business noticed without creating a negative image
  • Great content is persuasive in a comfortable way (not overbearing or “in-your-face”), hence increases the chances of sales



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