Content Writing VS Copywriting .. What’s The Difference?

Is there a massive difference between the two?

As a business owner, you may have heard how important it is to create quality content. On the other hand, you might know that copywriting is a type of writing used specifically for advertisements.

One of the sure things about marketing is that content is king and so when it comes to competition, businesses use content as a way of marketing their products and services.

When comparing “copywriting” to “content writing” it is easy to see that they are very closely related. However, both are special in their own way and adapted to unique standards. Let’s first touch on what makes content marketing important for your business:

9 Important facts of content marketing for any business

  1. Content builds a sense of familiarity with your current customers and potential customers, hence creating a feeling of trust
  2. It sets a unique tone and voice for the brand (giving it its own right and signature)
  3. Content is customized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Content can create new leads as you’re able to reach a larger audience
  5. Attract prospective buyers to purchase your product
  6. You can use content to link back to other websites and increase traffic to your website
  7. Content will create engagement. By being able to create a friendly environment for your website and producing more up-to-date content, people will feel the need to share it
  8. Great content on your website will give people the sense of wanting to be part of everything and they may frequently visit and subscribe
  9. If your company specializes in an industry or with a specific brand, the brand can become more popular, with time and hard work it may stand out as a superior brand

One of the traits that make copywriting so valuable is that it convinces viewers and visitors to take action. A special “art” goes into copywriting that makes it so effective and worth your investment.

However, just as content needs the copywriting skill, copywriting itself needs content to function at an optimal value. Now while that may sound a bit confusing, we plan to make things clear with this post.

Reasons copywriting needs good content is due to the following:

  • Market content helps to enforce a sense of generosity and is great for customers.
  • While having great content is wonderful, without copywriting, the content may appear “unnatural” or “spammy”, two major aspects to avoid
  • Creativity comes with content writing and creative copy combined with copywriting skills for the perfect piece
  • Content marketing improves your advertising efforts by helping you target your right audience.
  • Without content, copywriting will come across as a “salesy ploy” to lure you in. This will drive a wedge between you and potential customers

Why copywriting is essential for your business

Copywriting specialists are very familiar with the product and niche of the business, and are thus able to give the best information in the most appropriate words. When tackling a less popular niche, writers who specialise are able to produce better results due to their experience and skills within the specified niche.

Brand knowledge

As mentioned in the previous point, specialized copywriters know all about the product and brand which allows for better marketing tactics. These include better content planning and creation.

Have a keen eye for your audience

The content you create bearing copywriting rules in mind will assist you at grabbing and maintaining your audience’s focus.

Content writing

Content writing or content marketing as it is sometimes referred to rely on the “charms” of copywriting to create efficient articles that can bring in more readers and visitors. Therefore, while written to serve its own purpose, it also ensures that the content is perfect and attractive.

  • Copywriting helps to improve the headings of your articles and posts through content marketing
  • Improves the overall readability and effectiveness of the heading to “grab attention”
  • Your content without the skill of copywriting won’t be able to gain strong views by itself
  • Regular content may not include a good “Call To Action” prompt (subscribe, join, and opt into newsletters are some examples.)

Why you need both content marketing and copywriting

There are three valuable factors to consider when running a successful business alongside your competition and it includes the following:

  1. Adding value — Creating content that adds value to your customer’s time by enriching them with something while they stay is essential for success.
  2. Relevance — Some readers find outdated news not always worth their time and focus. With relevant up-to-date content, based on facts will greatly enrich your readers. This means that your business took the time to consider the needs of the audience.
  3. Consistency — It may not seem easy to connect consistency amongst the many dots of marketing, but being consistent is what will help you to survive in a very competitive industry.

Let your potential customers enjoy the content that they read!

Just as any part of the planning process of marketing, the content marketing aspect is key. Another way to represent quality content is by being able to enrich the reader’s minds with helpful information while steering away from salesmanship. Visitors and potential customers enjoy discovering more about the business or product by articles through their own research.

Writing for the internet

While Google will penalise articles that come across as poor quality and stuffed with keywords. Content marketing makes use of more natural ways of speaking to the audience as well as search engines, hence never hard to read.

Essential tactic for business

Content marketing or content writing is vital for business growth, but “how you say it matters” most. Well-written content is the perfect marketing tool to draw traffic to websites and company social media pages. This leads to engagement as well as a more popular page for your business.

Benefits of quality over quantity 101

  • Your brand will stand out from amongst the competitors
  • You’ll create a good relationship with your customers
  • Seamless quality content does not sound as if the writer worked too hard or stuffed it with keywords
  • Factual, to the point, content are more appealing than long, irrelevant content that readers have no time to read
  • Good content will get your business noticed without creating a negative image
  • Great content is persuasive in a comfortable way (not overbearing or “in-your-face”), hence increases the chances of sales

If we weigh the odds, it’s clear that the one cannot do without the other and that if businesses used both, it will increase the chances of making good with viewers. While not only increasing popularity with viewers, the right content will also help to convert those visitors into customers, adding to sales and profit goals. However, this may be a hard task to pull off by yourself, unless you know your game inside and out regarding content marketing and copywriting for your business.

You have to have a strong plan in place that will cover several bases, including that of promoting your brand in the content, maximizing sales, and CTA amongst other. Once your strategy is in place you can focus on targeting your audience, creating effective content and keeping your fingers on the “pulse” of analytics. In a nutshell, that may sound seemingly simple to accomplish, however, it takes hard work and consistency to keep up to date with the best SEO and marketing practices for your digital market.

Getting the right professionals requires knowledge and the ability to liaise with fellow marketers. It also creates a better opportunity as well as a chance of a successful outcome rewarding your efforts.

A marketing professional would be able to help you write compelling copy and content that your target audience resonates with. This will encourage them to learn more about your company and will help turn them into loyal, paying customers.

Originally published at on October 1, 2018.




There is nothing like… loving your craft. We find pleasure in finding ways of making more money for our clients across the globe through digital marketing.

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Big Domino Marketing

There is nothing like… loving your craft. We find pleasure in finding ways of making more money for our clients across the globe through digital marketing.

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