Easy ways to grow your Instagram Followers for FREE

Here’s how to grow your Instagram organically.

What are the benefits of using Instagram to grow your followers and business?

More online visibility

No business size limitations

Potential to make sales using the platform

Instagram stories “fleshing-out” emotions

Better trust and relationships

Safety in numbers

Importance of hashtags

How to grow your Instagram followers without spending money

1. Create a smashing profile

2. Have a gallery that wows

3. Post at your optimum times

4. Consistent posting

5. Promote more engagement

6. Geotagging is the real deal

7. Make those hashtags work for you

8. Engage with popular posts

9. Let your bio URL work it’s magic for you

10. CTA paving the way

11. Like and support others (share the love)

The takeaway on how to grow your Instagram followers

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