How to Use LinkedIn to Attract Dream Clients

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Clients are the lifeforce of all businesses and it’s important to keep those clients walking through those doors or shopping for your products online. The more the better.

But, even while this is so, some SME owners find it hard to land new clients. If you’re reading this post and can relate, then we have some amazing tips for you.

We want to talk about how you can use LinkedIn to your advantage for your business. Leveraging the world’s most professional platform is a must, especially if you are in the service-based industry.

Forget about LinkedIn being a place to search for jobs. It’s actually a fantastic place to make strategic connections and attract dream clients.

Before we get into the “how” we also want to highlight “why” having customers is important.

The bigger question is why is this so important?

  • More money to make — When businesses have more clients, there’s more money made. This will keep your business running and further down the line even opening up more branches.
  • Robust reputation — Your clients can help you build a strong reputation through word of mouth and referrals.
  • Stable revenue — Not only more income but your business can earn steady revenue through having loyal clients.
  • Your employees can be happy — Let’s just say, the happiness is “contagious”. Happy entrepreneur, happy employee, happy customers.
  • Better brand awarenessbrand awareness means that your business is top of mind when people are looking for a solution to their problems.
  • Business longevity — the better the business does by supporting and cultivating a strong relationship with customers means fruitful years ahead.

Get started on attracting your new clients through the LinkedIn network

Clear the “fog”

Sometimes it’s hard to see a clear picture or end game if there are too many elements clouding your judgment. A typical example of this is not knowing who your target audience is.

If you’re trying to reel in dream clients then you can’t cast your net far and wide, you need to narrow it down to get optimum results.

Also, ask yourself whose competing in this market

There’s a famous saying that you should keep friends close and enemies closer and in this case, it’s your competitors. “Spy” on them and see who they are, who are your potential dream clients buying from, and what are they buying.

10 ways to get dream clients through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only meant for job seekers, no, but the platform is also actually packed with professional entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs know that they could land new clients by effectively using the LinkedIn network.

Have a look at this checklist we’ve formulated to help you get the idea of how you could use LinkedIn to attract your dream clients.

#1 Update your profile page

LinkedIn gives users the opportunity to create a profile that serves something like an elevator pitch. In your profile, you’ll share what you do with your target audience. How you’ll solve their problem and mention why you’re good at what you do.

You can set up services, appointments, list your qualifications, awards and endorsements, to name a few.

Do an audit of your profile and update your details.

This is a chance to sell yourself because you speak for your brand and by seeing your profile, people could already know what your company is about.

#2 Connect on LinkedIn

One of the best moves to make when looking to land new clients through LinkedIn is connecting with them on the platform. Whether you’ve met them in person, or in a digital setting, connect as soon as you can.

Think of this as a way to stay “imprinted” into their subconsciousness. Like when using a business card. Once they accept your invite, they will be notified whenever you post something on the network. This will remind them that you’re around and you can solve their problem.

Aim to send 3–5 connections per day. Don’t do too many or your account will be flagged for spammy behaviour.

#3 Engage with your connections (potential new clients) on LinkedIn

Another way to remind them that you’re around is if you interact with their posts. For example, you might have a physiotherapist as a potential new client. When they post on the platform, interact with them through commenting, or sharing a reaction on their post.

#4 Join relevant groups

Join groups, but not just any LinkedIn groups. If you want to land new clients, then you need to join groups within your niche market. For example, if you know that your potential clients are looking for healthcare solutions, then these are the groups that you’ll join.

When you post or interact in these groups, the chances that your potential customers will be watching and also participating are higher. They may learn about your business as a result of you being part of the mutual group.

Add value to the groups and don’t be spammy or sales-y.

#5 Message them

You can influence how they perceive you and your brand by the way you interact with your clients. Another way to keep engaging is to message them. But don’t be random about it, think about what is relevant at the time.

For example, your physiotherapist contact posted something about helping their new patients on the road to recovery. If you’re a web designer, you could reach out and check if they could use a hand. You can help spruce up their old website.

Every scenario is different and tailored to the situation. Take this approach when dealing with your potential new dream clients.

#6 Not just any likes and any comments

In the spirit of engagement, take a moment to think about the content that you’re about to engage with. For example, if you want physiotherapist clients, then you should be liking and commenting on their posts. If your activity is mostly liking and commenting on video games, you might not be attracting the right prospective. Let your actions on LinkedIn (and all social media platforms) align with the people you most want to serve and get business from.

#7 Be careful not to sound like a salesperson

We know that you’re on a mission to landing new clients for your business, but sometimes being too spammy and pushy might just push them away. No offence to the salespeople possibly reading this!

The truth is, when you approach your potential clients in a “spam-like” way, they won’t take you seriously. Heck, some will unfollow, or delete, or simply ignore any posts or messages from you. Keep messages in moderation and time/situation appropriate.

#8 Give your potential new client something for free

Yep, you heard right, FREE. Who can turn down a free gift? Plus, in this way, you’ll be given the chance to “pitch” what your product or service is about in a generous free gift. Don’t expect or ask for something in return. All this effort forms part of the long-term goal and while it might not seem so now, you’re creating a good impression and building trust.

#9 Advertise what you do through your own blog

Your business blog is the place you get to speak to your customers and prospective. Think about it like this, Google is on the lookout for good content to rank at the top of search engines.

By posting regular tips, strategies, and other helpful content, will help make your website more visible. This affects your current and potential dream clients out there. LinkedIn allows you to create posts or articles to share with the world. Articles are longer, more thought out pieces of content while posts are often shorter.

Scroll through the feed to get a feel for the type of content on LinkedIn. Warning: it’s NOT the same vibe as Facebook or Instagram. LinkedIn has it’s own ecosystem so spend some time understanding what type of posts your potential clients want to see.

#10 Share what others are saying on LinkedIn

You can ask your customers to share testimonials not only on your website but also on your LinkedIn account. In this way, your prospective clients will see your glowing reputation speaking for itself. You can request endorsements as well, which is a nod to your skills.

This is probably one of the nicest ways to build trust with your prospective and possibly land new clients.

The takeaway about using LinkedIn to land new clients

LinkedIn is one of the most influential and successful social networking sites as it allows professionals from all industries an easy way to connect with others in their field.

With so many people using LinkedIn, your dream client could have just been added without any effort on your part! So make sure that if you want to land more clients for your business venture, use this site now. Our tips will get you started on your journey.

Who knows what will happen when you put yourself out there?

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