IGTV And What It Means For Your Business

What is IGTV?

What are the benefits of using IGTV for marketing your business?

People are more likely to watch video content

Videos are easy to watch on a mobile device

Points to bear in mind when creating content for IGTV

Create high quality content

  • Clear video content with good natural lighting
  • Speaking clearly and not rambling on
  • Have a decent introduction to let your viewers know what the video is about
  • Get to the point of what you’re explaining (don’t lose your audience along the way)

Focus on a strong title


Some of the leading hashtags to use when posting via IGTV include but are not limited to the following:

Use IGTV to link to your business website, blogs, and other related websites

No “disappearing act” of content

IGTV is easy to use

How entrepreneurs use IGTV for their business:

Repurpose the best traffic-converting videos

Use video tutorials — highlight your products’ best features

A real-time TV show that your audience love to watch

Feature what your loyal customers are saying

So much flexibility with the content that you post

When all is said and done, what does this video innovation mean for your business?

The takeaway

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