The Hard Truth about Facebook Ads in 2022

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Do Facebook Ads Still Work?

It’s no secret that digital marketing has become a staple in business growth and expansion.

And while many platforms have come and gone, Facebook Advertising has (in past years) proven to be the most effective way to reach your target audience.

But does that still hold true in 2022?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the effectiveness of Facebook Ads and provide some tips on how you can make the most out of this powerful tool.

The Good

Here are some undisputed benefits of Facebook advertising:

  1. More people are on Facebook than any other social media platform (YES, this statistic is STILL true in 2022!)
  2. Facebook ads are considerably cheaper than traditional advertising methods
  3. You can target your ads to specific demographics
  4. Ads can be customized to match your business’s branding
  5. You only pay for the ads that generate leads or sales
  6. Facebook offers a wide range of analytics tools to track the success of your campaigns

With all these amazing benefits, why are increasing numbers of businesses pulling their ad spend or lowering their FB ad budget?

The Bad

The move to Apple iOS 14 brought with it sweeping changes to how data is collected and used by Facebook. As a result, ad performance has been turbulent at best, and completely unpredictable at worst.

As a digital marketing agency, we found ourselves constantly having to jump through hoops to keep abreast of the latest changes, and at times we did notice that cost per conversion was going up.

But don’t despair, there’s more good news on the way.

Our experience

Having been in the digital marketing industry for almost a decade, I know you have to embrace a cold hard fact when it comes to online marketing: the game is always changing.

Whether it’s platform changes, brand new platforms entering the arena, new rules and regulations, updated creative guidelines, algorithm changes or new privacy restrictions, you have got to accept that what works today might not work tomorrow.

That’s why my team and I constantly test the latest features and releases so that we can continue to serve our clients at the highest level.

You have to be willing to learn new skills all the time and test things — sometimes they work and other times you need to make improvements.

Remember, knowledge is power!

I decided long ago not to get frustrated when the platforms change but rather to meet the challenges head-on so that I am equipped to help my clients get ROI for their spend.

But what about all the small businesses out there who can’t afford Big Domino Marketing’s services (yet)?

I decided to create a training course to help exactly this group of people.


The 5 Day Sales Sprint

In January 2022, I ran a paid challenge called the 5 Day Sales Sprint where I showed people step-by-step how to set up a simple lead generating campaign for their business.

I explained exactly what they needed to do on their end, and how to set up the technical side of things, to get their ads up and running.

It took 5 days to get through the main part of the training, and there was “homework” to complete to ensure that the participants were taking action and making progress on their advertising objectives.

I also hosted a daily Q&A to answer any questions they may have had, in case they weren’t sure about something.

Personally, it was a lot of fun for me to do this training and put some of my years of experience into a format that any business owner/entrepreneur can use immediately.

I deliberately kept the training actionable — there’s no filler content or fluff to be found (I hate it when courses are just non-stop waffling!).

The Results

As always in life, the people who take action get the results. Here are some snapshots of a few of the participants and the results they are getting:

As you can see, these participants have been able to get highly-qualified leads at an incredibly low price.

Imagine how your business could transform if you had a pipeline of fresh leads coming into your business daily?

These are potential clients and customers that you can sell your products and services to.

Closing thoughts

Should you use Facebook ads or not?

The bottom line is that if your goal is to generate more leads and sales, the answer would be yes.

If you want to get more leads for your business, advertising on Facebook is the best way. We all know that in these digital times it’s difficult to find a platform where our target market hangs out and interacts with one another.

However, there are many reasons why we should be considering Facebook ads as an option when looking for new prospects.

We successfully use Facebook (and Instagram) advertising to generate leads for our clients, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t get more leads for your business as well.

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