The Top 5 Digital Marketing Misconceptions of All Time

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5 min readFeb 25, 2019

How these marketing misconceptions can affect your business

With all the responsibilities of being a business owner, it’s easy to develop certain misconceptions about digital marketing.

The field is ever-changing, and you might find yourself believing something that is not, in fact, true.

Today we’re looking at the 5 top digital marketing misconceptions and showing you what to think instead.

The 5 Top Marketing Misconceptions are:

  1. My business won’t land customers easily because it’s too new
  2. It’s virtually impossible to sell online
  3. I don’t need a website, I’m on social media
  4. There’s too much competition
  5. Digital will never replace traditional marketing

1. My business won’t land customers easily because it’s too new

Do you think that your business cannot shape up because it’s the new kid on the block? Digital marketing changes all of that because we are now all connected. In other words, being online and having your digital presence grow is already proof that you’re on the right track. Your business needs to be online so that you can grab those visitors looking for the answers to their questions and help them in their day-to-day needs.

If your business isn’t competing on a digital level, you stand the chance to lose out because you’ll miss those online potential customers. See how many influencers are continuing to set the bar high because they “work their magic” online.

2. It’s virtually impossible to sell online

Really? You want to ask Amazon if they agree with that statement?

Yes, we realise that creating a brand and selling online takes time and considerable effort, but it’s not impossible.

In fact, one of the best things you can do for your business is to leverage the power of Facebook and Instagram to reach a wider online audience.

Marketing and sales are the two key elements to drive business prosperity. In recent times, the aim of sales and marketing is to improve the way customers shop. One of the best ways that digital marketing can help your business is to use it to inform the customer of why he/she needs the product of service you sell.

Today it’s more about creating convenience and improving customer experience by using online marketing and sales together at their best.

3. I don’t need a website, I’m on social media

So, you may be telling yourself, “my business is doing great with my social media presence. Or you’re thinking if people want to see what you’re about, they can simply hop on over to Facebook or Instagram.

Social media is a great way to help create awareness and to help your business set up an online presence which is needed in a thriving digital industry. It’s also a vital part of the “engagement” puzzle and how you can create value for your audience.

However, you shouldn’t underestimate the immense power of your website.

Your website is your virtual sales person. It tells the world what you do, how you do it, how they can contact you and most importantly, how to buy from you.

We’ve got some more website insights here.

4. There’s too much competition

Every business has competition.

On the plus side, digital marketing and creating brand awareness means that your customers might find your business more appealing to them than that of your competitors.

Their decision may be influenced by what you have to offer that will help improve their lives. If you find a marketing strategy that works for your business and it helps to grow your sales, then you should go with it and keep it in your digital marketing arsenal.

5. Digital will never replace traditional marketing

Erm, we completely disagree. In fact, we feel so strongly about this that we wrote an entire blog about it.

Realise that the times have changed. People are short on attention and want information at the click of a bu tton.

Relying on T.V. or radio commercials, newspaper and magazine ads is extremely expensive. Not to mention you can never tie back any new business to an ad you placed in the paper.

Paid social media marketing is completely different. You can target your idea segment of the market and see stats to prove what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re determined to stick with traditional marketing, no problem. But please consider adding digital to your portfolio.

What’s the importance of marketing research?

To stay on top of your game, and to even be more aware of what’s happening, you’ll have to maintain a degree of market research. This allows you to keep at the heart of every change and trend happening and as a result update or improve your business strategy.

There are many benefits to marketing research including the fact that it will help you eliminate some of the misconceptions deceiving many business owners.

Helps to spot any problems your business may be struggling with

Market research can help to pinpoint any trouble your business may be facing. It also helps to create solutions that will help eliminate some of these problems and improve what needs improvement.

Understand your customers

Market research also plays a role in helping business owners to understand more about their customers’ and their needs. As a result, it can help to improve your customer service and products for your customer.

Discover more opportunities

Your business should grow and become better with time. With research, you can discover what’s new in marketing trends as well as venture into new opportunities for your business.

Meet new customers needs

In the spirit of expanding your market, your research findings can help you to understand what the new customers want and need. You can fill a gap in the market and provide a solution through your business that will meet their needs.

Set targets

Marketing research can help you set targets and increase your business potential and growth opportunity. With your findings, you’ll know which factors to target and not be unreasonable.

The takeaway

There are many myths or misconceptions when it comes to digital marketing, but keeping yourself informed about the latest trends will greatly help.

The point is to take these misconceptions and turn them into valuable lessons for your marketing plan. Don’t let one marketing misconception prevent your business from flourishing online.

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